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Miss VaGina DeBauchery
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Well, first off, I am Miss VaGina DeBauchery.  I am 20 years of age and I have been a female impersonator since April of 2004.  I currently live in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I would consider Pegasus my home bar, even though I have performed at other bars.  Pegasus is where I got my start, and I will always remember that.

Welcome to the world of DeBauchery.  It is a crazy little world, but I will try to make you understand it as much as humanly possible, because you obviously came to my site here to learn more about me.  So, I will do my best to take you into my crazy world, and imform you of as much as possible.  ENJOY!!


Upcoming Shows - No Shows in the near future because of my move to Philadelphia...  Hint! Hint!  Maybe a farewell show or something!  That is a hint to the Pittsburgh queens...  Just a thought  =)

You may reach Miss VaGina at

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